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Present Day America!

May 14, 2009

I can wake up now! WOW! I sometimes feel as though I am in a nightmare! I stopped blogging back in October when I realized the energizing high of moral for America was coming to an end! Governor Sarah Palin gave the true Americans a glimpse of reality that just maybe we could pull this nation back to it’s original foundation that it was built on! The timing for this to happen just isn’t in God’s time-line just yet. Some maybe most people would say that things are just in too bad of shape to turn things around. But I am here to tell you with God ALL things are possible if one just believes in His mighty power!

As I was praying and asking why is it that Obama is the one to be elected? I didn’t have to wait  but an instant for the answer! I didn’t raise My daughter Sarah up to take on the diabolical mess America is entangled with to clean up! I brought her to the forefront to show America what I have in mind for the future! As of right now America does not deserve her! For her to take office would be casting pearls before swine! She would be chewed up and spilt out!

Church leaders when are you going to wake up and get a clue that your NOT the shining bride that is without spot or wrinkle! Your the lukewarm that according to Revelation 3: 16 God is ready to spew out of His mouth! This is one of the many reasons why the McCain/Palin team couldn’t take office! The Faithful Church/Philadelphia Rev.3:7 who the Lord gives the key of David to has NOT manifested on the earth as of yet! The key of David symbolizes authority. So now we have an unconstitutional president who proclaims that Present Day America is not a christian nation! Woe! To all of us who sets back and allows him to be proved right!